Reddit Shadow Ban Checker – Everything You Need to Know

Reddit Shadow Ban Checker – Everything You Need to Know

The world of software and programming is endless, and constantly changing. As social media platforms such as Reddit gain popularity, developers and users must grasp the notion of shadow bans. A shadow ban is when a user’s posts or comments are invisible to the community without them knowing. Users who do not know that their Reddit accounts have been shadow-banned may find this to be frustrating.

Fortunately, there are tools obtainable to aid users in assessing if they’ve been shadow-banned on Reddit. One such tool is the Reddit Shadow Ban Checker. This is a third-party web application that uses the Reddit API to test for shadow bans. It is an open-source engine hosted on GitHub so we can trust its reliability and accuracy of the service. Users only need to enter their Reddit username, and the tool will verify if there is a shadow ban on your account.

Users can also use another tool known as the Reddit Shadow Ban Detector. This console app created using simple Python code also checks if an account of the user is banned or shadowbanned. Users can download the file and execute it in their terminal, after entering their Reddit username they will see the results. Users can also use these tools to make certain that their posts and comments are noticeable by the general community.

Understanding Reddit Shadow Bans

Definition of a Shadow Ban

A shadow ban refers to the type of a ban that is applied by Reddit moderators in order restrict users’ posts while they are not aware. This means that the user can still post and comment, but their posts will no longer appear in others’ feeds.

Reddit will not notify this user that they have been shadow banned and won’t give them any feedback or explanation.

Indications of a Shadow Ban

There are multiple signs that a user may be shadow banned on Reddit. The most typical one is a sharp decrease in likes on their posts or comments. In other words, this means that the user’s content is no longer seen by users, and they do not receive upvotes or comments, replies. Also, the user’s profile and posts may not appear for other users who are logged out or do belong to a different subreddit.

There are several third-party tools that can be used to check if a user has been shadow banned, and then it is possible to test the account of this person. You can use this Reddit Shadow Ban Checker that leverages the power of Reddit’s API in order to identify shadow bans. It should be noticed that these tools are not always correct, and there is no possibility to guarantee the detection of shadow ban by them if it takes place.


To conclude, knowing about Reddit shadow bans is crucial to the users who wish to make sure that they are reaching other people through their content. By being informed about the signs of a shadow ban and using third-party tools to check their accounts, users can now do something to help them make sure that no one is hiding their content from other users on this platform.